CM Baghel - Seats available now will become 75 on day of counting

The results of various exit polls conducted for chhattisgarh assembly elections have come out. Meanwhile, CM

Bhupesh Baghel said that his party will form the government with an overwhelming majority. Let us tell you

that in most of the exit polls it has been estimated that congress can win 57 seats but cm Baghel says that his

party will win 75 seats when the results are declared on december 3.

While talking to journalists, cm Baghel said, Are the numbers in all seven exit polls the same? After two

days, the figures mentioned in these exit polls will become stable. Whatever may be the exit poll results, we are

confident that we will form the government in chhattisgarh with a huge majority. The present 57 seats will

become 75 on the day of counting.

BJP will not get a chance for Operation lotus – cm Baghel

According to news agency ANI, when cm Baghel was asked whether bjp would launch Operation lotus if the

figures were as per exit polls, he said, They will not be able to do so. We have majority. We have faith in our

hard work and also have faith in the public.

We will win around 60 seats- TS Singh Deo

Let us tell you that in the exit poll of ABP C Voter, congress is getting 41 to 53 seats in chhattisgarh, while in

three other exit polls, congress is also getting majority, but in none of the polls, a forecast of 75 seats has been

expressed. cm Baghel is making the claim. On the other hand, deputy cm TS Singh Deo claims that his party

will win around 60 seats in the elections. bjp is seen as the second largest party in the exit polls. In the survey

of ABP C Voter, it seems to be getting 36 to 48 seats.

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