NASA will send an Indian astronaut to the space station!?

NASA astronaut training nasa will send an indian astronaut to the space station next year. isro will select the astronaut and nasa will train him. The American space agency nasa will send indian astronauts to the international Space Station (ISS) by next year. The indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will select the astronauts. nasa will help train astronauts. This was announced by nasa chief Bill Nelson who visited India. Both space agencies are working together on the details of the mission. In 1984, Rakesh Sharma went into space in a Russian space shuttle. He is the first indian to go into space. india is an important partner of America. Also, the nasa chief said that india will play an important role in the future for activities related to astronauts in space.

Speaking to the media, Nelson also spoke about the moment he saw india from space for the first time. He traveled to space in 1986 aboard the space shuttle Columbia. 'I saw india from space for the first time. First I looked at Sri Lanka. Then I raised my head a little and saw the whole of India. The himalayas were at the top of the country. The whole scene was like heaven,' he said.

Talking about Chandrayaan-3, Bill Nelson said that America will launch several private landers at the Moon's South Pole next year. However, india was the first country to set foot on the South Pole of the Moon. He deserves to be congratulated for this. Nelson met Union minister of State for Space jitendra singh during his visit to India. india wants to build a space station by 2040. If they want to work with us, we are ready for it,” he said.

In an interview with Private TV, Nelson talked about the possibility of PM Modi becoming an astronaut, and when I went to space, I was just a politician. PM Modi is a space lover. Flying in space is a special experience for any politician, especially when he is the head of the country.. Space has no political, religious or ethnic boundaries. It says that we are all citizens of the earth.

During his visit to india, the nasa chief will also visit the isro headquarters. He will meet India's first astronaut Rakesh Sharma. I am excited to meet my old friend. I met Rakesh in 1991 before the breakup of the Soviet Union. Then we both had a good conversation. I have also spoken to him several times on the phone,” said Nelson.

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