Mamata Banerjee condemned BJP leaders' remarks on Prophet Muhammad!?

Sekar Chandra
West bengal Chief minister mamata banerjee has condemned the comments made on Prophet Muhammad by bjp leaders. Terming the remarks ‘hate speech’, mamata banerjee said that these remarks led to ‘spread of violence’ and ‘division of the (secular) fabric of the country’.

BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma had made controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad during a tv show. bjp had later on suspended Sharma while issuing a statement asserting that it respects all religions and strongly denounces insult of any religious personality. The party had also expelled its delhi unit media head naveen Kumar Jindal for his tweets supporting her.

"I condemn the recent heinous and atrocious hate speech remarks by a few disastrous bjp leaders, resulting in not only spread of violence, but also division of the fabric of the country, leading to disturbance of peace and amity," mamata banerjee said through one of her tweets. After the bjp leaders' controversial remarks on Prophet Muhammad, people took to the streets in West bengal as a mark of protest. Reacting to this, mamata banerjee said that bengal should not suffer due to the remarks made by some bjp leaders. ‘Why should we suffer due to communal politics of some with an aim for narrow political gains’, she stated. She further urged people to stop protesting and blocking national highways in bengal over this issue. "Go protest in UP, Gujarat...states where bjp is in power. But they are not in power in bengal, so don’t do this for publicity in here," she stated.

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