Did reputation of Akhilesh Yadav and Uma Bharti at stake in Bundelkhand?

Sekar Chandra
Reportedly madhya pradesh assembly elections were completed on 17th november and on 3rd december it will be decided

whose government will be formed in the state. In such a situation, this time in the assembly elections, more

attention is being focused on the stalwarts of bjp, congress and SP than the candidates. Let us tell you that there

are some seats in Bundelkhand from where, along with victory and defeat, congress leaders including SP chief

Akhilesh Yadav, veteran bjp leader uma bharti and bjp state president VD Sharma have won. Singh’s reputation is at stake.

Actually, SP chief akhilesh yadav had put all his strength on Maharajpur and Niwari assembly seats of

Chhatarpur, because last time SP had got Bijawar seat from Chhatarpur. Therefore, he kept holding meetings

somewhere in the state to maintain his existence. In Maharajpur seat of the district, akhilesh yadav held election

meetings in support of Daulat Tiwari, who had rebelled against congress, and worked to organize people for the

party in Naugaon.

Triangular contest in Chhatarpur

Let us tell you that in Chhatarpur, Tikamgarh and Niwari in Bundelkhand, uma bharti, bjp state president VD

Sharma and akhilesh yadav had initially established their influence, because somewhere or the other the fans of

these veterans have entered the election field. Therefore, the reputation of these three giants is also a question.

Actually, this election is very important for Lalita Yadav from Chhatarpur.

Lalita Yadav had managed to get the ticket due to strong internal opposition from the bjp and has contested the

elections with full strength, but Alok Chaturvedi, the congress candidate from Chhatarpur, has also tried his best.

Also, with the entry of Babbu Raja, who has rebelled against congress, into the electoral fray, a triangular contest

has taken place. Now in such a situation it has become difficult to say who will win from here.

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