Handing over the breakfast scheme to the private sector..!?

PMK President Anbumani Ramadoss has condemned that while the government is carrying out the sale of liquor, which should be handed over to private parties, the breakfast program for students should be handed over to private parties. In a statement released by PMK President Anbumani Ramadoss, "The resolution has been passed in the corporation meeting today to hand over the breakfast program which is being implemented in 358 schools belonging to the chennai Corporation to the private sector. It is not acceptable for the Corporation to stand aside by handing over this program to the private sector as opposed to the Corporation running it for the benefit of the students. The decision of the Corporation is condemnable.

65,000 students studying in 358 schools of the corporation have no problem in implementing this scheme through the corporation. It is not fair to allocate Rs.19 crore to the private sector instead of implementing it. As a result, individuals will benefit more than school students. It has been decided to privatize the breakfast program across tamil Nadu, and this has been done in chennai as a trial attempt? A doubt arises.

In the case of chennai city, the breakfast program was started in the last regime. The scheme was implemented by a private charitable organization called Akshaya Pravaram. Neither the Corporation nor the government directly provided any funds to the institution for this project. At the same time, Rs. 5 crore was given through the Governor's House. There was strong opposition to it. chief minister M. K. stalin announced that the government will run the breakfast program because of that. But what is the purpose of giving Rs 19 crore to a private person to implement the same project now? What is the difference between the action of the AIADMK government and the action of the DMK government?

After all this, what is the problem with the corporation running this project with funds to be provided to the private sector? The tamil Nadu government is holding on to the liquor business which should be run privately. However, they hand over the education services and food distribution, which should be done by the government, to the private sector. Is this the sign of a welfare state? The breakfast scheme for the benefit of the students should not be privatized. The decision of chennai Corporation in this regard should be withdrawn. I insist that food should be provided to the students studying in the chennai Corporation schools through the Corporation," he said.

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