After Tehsildar, SDM also suspended in Balaghat postal ballot scandal

The election commission of india has taken major action in the postal ballot scandal of Balaghat in Madhya

Pradesh. On the instructions of the election commission, SDM of Balaghat and Deputy district election Officer

Gopal Soni have been suspended. collector Dr. Girish Mishra has handed over the election related charge of

Gopal Soni to Deputy collector rahul Nayak. congress has accused administrative officials of giving benefits to

BJP candidates in this case.

Let us tell you here that the election commission has come into action mode after the complaint of congress in

the Balaghat postal Ballot scandal, which has been active in the electoral politics of madhya pradesh for the last

two days. The election commission of india on wednesday (29 November) instructed jabalpur Divisional

Commissioner Abhay Verma to take immediate action.

What did the collector say on the suspension order?

In the official letter issued by collector Dr. Girish Mishra, it has been said that as per the order of Commissioner,

Jabalpur Division, Gopal Kumar Soni, Sub-Divisional Officer (Revenue), Balaghat and Returning Officer

(Assembly Constituency No. 111 Balaghat) have been suspended with immediate effect. Has been done.

Therefore, as a result of the above order, from the point of view of administrative work arrangement, by making

a partial amendment in the order of division of official work, rahul Nayak, Deputy collector, Balaghat, along

with his work, is temporarily handed over the entire charge of Sub-Divisional Officer (Balaghat) till further

orders. This order will be immediately effective.

Video of Balaghat postal ballot incident goes viral

In fact, on monday (November 27), a video of making bundles of postal ballot papers in the temporary strong

room located at the Tehsil office of Balaghat had gone viral. In this case, collector Dr. Girish Mishra, accepting

the procedural mistake, had suspended Tehsildar and postal ballot in-charge Himmat Singh on tuesday (28


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