Results of these two seats of Chhattisgarh will come first

Voting took place in chhattisgarh in two phases on 7th and 17th November. Now people are eagerly waiting for

the results on 3rd December. For this, the election commission has completed complete preparations for

counting of 90 seats in 33 district headquarters. The election commission has claimed to conduct the counting

amid tight security. During counting of votes, no person will be allowed to enter the counting room without

authorization letter.

In fact, after making complete preparations regarding the counting, the election commission said that 14 tables

have been set up for each assembly constituency for the voting to be done under the supervision of observers in

all the counting centres. Counting of votes will start at 8 am, in which the votes of service voters will be counted

first. First of all, the QR code of votes received from ETPBS (Electronically Transmitted postal Ballot System)

will be scanned. After that the counting of postal ballots will begin. Counting of votes will start simultaneously

on all tables after 8.30.

Results will come first on these two seats

Out of the 90 assembly seats in the state, counting will take place in Kawardha in maximum 30 rounds. After

this there will be 29 rounds in Kasdol. Voting will take place in minimum 12 cycles in Manendragarh and Bhilai

Nagar. That is, on december 3, the decision of assembly wise victory or defeat will start becoming clear after

noon, but out of 90 seats, counting will be completed first in Manendragarh and Bhilai Nagar. The decision of

victory or defeat will be taken first on these two seats. Apart from this, the final decision on victory or defeat on

Kawardha seat will be taken.

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