Bhujbal is disturbing the peace in society, said Jarange Patil

Sekar Chandra
Maratha quota activist Manoj Jarange on tuesday accused maharashtra minister and OBC leader Chhagan Bhujbal of creating a rift among various communities and wondered whether provocative language being used at his rallies was the policy of the state government. Jarange and Bhujbal are locked in a bitter war of words since the ncp minister opposed the former’s demand to accommodate Marathas under the Other backward classes (OBC) category by identifying them as Kunbis. “Bhujbal is disturbing the peace in society. He is talking about castes of great personalities, creating a rift among various communities. We are appealing for peace whereas his people (OBC leaders) are talking about breaking hands and legs. Is this the policy of the state government?” Jarange asked while speaking to reporters.

Jarange has been demanding that blanket Kunbi (OBC) caste certificates be given to members of the maratha community. He has set the december 24 deadline for the state government to act on his main demand for the reservation in government jobs and education.

“Irrespective of the state government’s stand on Bhujbal, Marathas will ensure they get the reservation under the OBC grouping as we have records to back our demand,” he added. Jarange said various political parties had ruled maharashtra in the past but none of them granted the reservation to the maratha community which has precipitated this problem. “These parties are responsible for the current situation. Common people should lead this fight which is the need of the hour,” he said and alleged that various political parties are trying to block the maratha quota stir. Jarange said he would speak on many issues during a rally on december 1 in Jalna, his home district.

“I will speak on everything at the upcoming rally. Many people have spoken on various things these days, I will address everything,” he added. Jarange criticised the state government over arrests of some Marathas during the recent round of protests for the quota. “Why these people were arrested when the government had said that cases filed during the agitation would be withdrawn,” he asked.

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