I am proud of providing interest-free loans to farmers..!?

It was difficult to implement such a large-scale interest-free loan scheme. I have done this work with the sole intention of benefiting the farmers without thinking about anything: Lakshmana Savadi. No matter how many Chief Ministers have ruled the state, they have not been able to give interest-free loans to the farmers in the districts they represent. However, former deputy chief minister and mla Lakshmana Savadi said that he was proud to have sanctioned interest-free loans to farmers when he was the Cooperation Minister. While inaugurating a newly constructed warehouse in the multi-purpose primary rural agricultural cooperative society in Mole village of Kagawad taluk, he said that it was difficult to implement such a large-scale interest-free loan scheme. He said that I have done this work with the sole purpose of benefiting the farmers without thinking about anything. As a result of the interest free loan given by the state government, the cooperative societies are on the path of progress today. Lakshmana Savadi opined that he has done a job that no one else has done for the farmers of the country.

Kagada mla Raju Kage inaugurated the program and said that in the entire country, no politician has committed suicide because he was unable to do politics, and there is no example of a sugar factory owner committing self-loathing because of damage. A government employee did not commit suicide because of non-payment of salary. But only the farmers are surrendering to suicide. Because the farmer is not getting the support price for the crop he has grown. If the crop grows after borrowing hard, he is suffering loss without getting a decent price for it. If the state and central governments provide 24-hour quality electricity, support price for crops, and irrigation facilities to the farmers, the farmers themselves will lend to the government. Farmers are not beggars, they are made beggars by the system, he said.

Association President Srishaila Hallolli presided. district Director Hindoorao Kollekara, Vasudeva Kamble, Srikanta Adahalli, Mayura Kollekara, Shankara Nandeshwar, Mahadeva Ullagaddi, Rupa Kamble, K.K. Kulkarni, Chanabasughali, Vishwanath Patila, Bharum Badigera, Ramdev Kamble, Shiddappa Kanale, Madappa Sondkara, Ashoka Kadakola Rajkumar Huddara, Naiku Mallukhana, shivaji Rupanavara, Shasikanta Munje, Srinivasa Hundekara, sheela Mangasuli and Lata Kattikara were present. LT Babali welcomed Chief Executive Officer Siddappa Telasanga.

For any organization to grow, certain principles must be followed. If the house is to be good, there must be unity, if a community is to grow, there must be path (trust) in the village. If a crop is to grow green in the field, then it needs (khat) fertilizer and it can only grow. If a house, a town, an organization is to grow, everyone needs to adopt these three principles in life. Man can progress only when these muru principles are present: mla Lakshmana Savadi.

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