Why are RJD leaders silent on this statement of Nitish Kumar?

According to sources Lok Janshakti party (R) national president mp chirag paswan arrived on monday to inaugurate the Baba

Chauharmal fair organized at Kosuk in bihar Sharif on the occasion of Kartik Purnima. During this, while

addressing the gathering, he fiercely attacked cm Nitish Kumar. He said that when I talk about the future of

Bihar, nitish kumar gets scared, nitish kumar wants chirag paswan to be eliminated by any means and Chirag

Paswan should be politically murdered. chief minister nitish kumar hatched every possible conspiracy to

eliminate chirag paswan, but failed.

Chirag Paswan’s attack on RJD

Nitish Kumar had reminded of Jungle raj in JDU’s Bhim Sansad in patna on Sunday. On this, Chirag Paswan

said that nitish kumar is repeatedly reminding his deputy chief minister about his rule without taking his

name. What is the thinking of chief minister Nitish Kumar? I don’t know, but why are RJD leaders silent on

this statement of Nitish Kumar? What is RJD’s compulsion? By tolerating this, under what greed is there

alliance? I don’t know this either.

Chirag gave advice to cm Nitish

Further, the LJP R chief said that the circumstances which are reminiscent of those before 2005 are even worse

today. Today, murder, robbery, dacoity and rape are more than what they were in the 90s. chief minister Nitish

Kumar, who is reminding us of others rule period, should also throw some light on his own rule period.

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