Pain continues among SP supporters over Mulayam Singh not becoming PM..?!

Accordingly senior political analyst Virendra Singh Rawat says that on the pretext of the foundation stone laying ceremony

of the memorial, the way senior SP leaders have tried to make akhilesh yadav the PM candidate. This will pose

a big challenge to the alliance. Even before this, such demand has been raised from SP, JDU, Congress, AAP

and Shiv Sena. The complete format of the alliance has not been decided yet, so why are you talking like this?

The opposition will have to bring a data-face before PM Modi which is universally acceptable. In such a situation,

only time will tell how effective these data-faces announced by their respective parties will be. At present, the

challenge of maintaining the unity of the alliance seems very big.

Senior political analyst Ratanmani Lal says that SP founder Mulayam Singh is still bitter among the people of

SP about not being able to become PM because of Congress. SP leaders must have said in their talks that if this

trend continues then even Akhilesh will not get a chance. Keeping this in view, the demand for PM from time to

time gains momentum. Senior people of SP believe that rahul is in front of Akhilesh. Akhilesh’s family is

stronger than them in political field. If rahul is claiming to be PM by bringing a seat from UP then why can’t

Akhilesh Yadav do the same. The people of SP feel that if SP gets one or two seats in madhya pradesh and

Rajasthan, then they can stake their claim among the non-Congress parties.

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