The country is changing to Clean Energy..!?

Singapore Clean Energy : Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in a recent statement that it has purchased 360 new electric public buses for about S$166.4 million. This is LTA's biggest electric bus purchase in five years. Prior to this, in 2018, the authority spent about S$50 million on ground transportation in singapore and LTA purchased 60 electric buses for S$50 million. It is expected to completely replace diesel cars by 2040.

Singapore's new 360 buses bring the number of electric public buses in singapore to 420. It can be said that seven percent of the existing public buses have increased. According to LTA's press release dated november 25, all new electric buses will be single-decker buses with three doors. Each new three-door electric single deck bus will be equipped with passenger information display system such as integrated closed-circuit television (CCTV)-collision warning system, driver anti-fatigue system to provide passengers with audio and visual information about their journey. It is also equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system.

LTA has purchased EV charging systems to support the new electric buses. At a cost of about S$46.1 million, they have been installed at bus depots in Sengkang West, east Coast and kali Batu in Singapore. They also have "smart" functions to optimize charging speed and duration for computers, as well as features for real-time monitoring, detection, control and reporting. From december 2024, electric buses will be gradually introduced in singapore to replace diesel buses that will be legally phased out, while new charging systems will be gradually installed.

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