Keshav Prasad Maurya attacked Rahul Gandhi..?


Accordingly deputy chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Keshav prasad Maurya reached varanasi today on sunday (26

November). During this, the deputy cm discussed many topics. Regarding Dev diwali, Keshav prasad Maurya

said that Dev diwali of Kashi is organized in a grand manner, this event cannot be praised enough. We also want

to participate in it, but are not able to participate in it due to the assembly session. Will visit the ghats and see the

preparations during inspection.

Apart from this, regarding the assembly session starting from november 28, he said, It is the prerogative of the

Speaker of the assembly to ban mobile phones during the session. No one should have any objection to this. All

arrangements are in place in the assembly as well as the Legislative Council. It is digital, so there is no need for

mobile during the session.

rahul gandhi could not learn to speak

On the question of congress leader rahul Gandhi’s panauti comment on prime minister Narendra Modi,

Keshav prasad Maurya said that Even an innocent child learns to speak after 3 years, but it is unfortunate that

rahul gandhi has not yet learned to speak. prime minister Narendra Modi leads the country and he is the biggest

leader of the country. rahul Gandhi's conduct is not what a decent politician should behave like. He said that

rahul gandhi and his party should apologize to the country for this statement.

SP, BSP, congress have no future in UP or the country

Taking a dig at the Social Justice yatra of Samajwadi party National President Akhilesh Yadav, Deputy Chief

Minister Keshav prasad Maurya said, SP, BSP, congress have no future in Uttar Pradesh and the country. The

society has come to know about their policy against the people. Keshav prasad Maurya extended best wishes to

the people of the state on the occasion of Constitution Day. Apart from this, the deputy cm also paid tribute to

the martyrs of 26/11 during the conversation.

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