Will Muslim voters come to Purvanchal with BJP? This group extended its hand

Before the lok sabha elections, a big statement of Peace party chief Mohammad Ayub has come out, in which

he has said that his party has no enemies and in the elections to be held next year, he will not join hands with

anyone like nda, india or BSP. is ready. This statement of his is in complete contrast to the statement given

last year, in which he had called bjp the enemy of Muslims and announced that he would never support it.

When Mohammad Ayub was asked about his old statement, he said that both bjp and nda are different. BJP

leads the nda, which includes many parties. During this time, he has kept only one condition of the alliance

that he will go with whichever party or alliance gives him at least one seat in the elections. He said that, instead

of becoming a slave, I would prefer to be a partner of any party or join an alliance, for us there is neither enemy

nor anyone untouchable.

Peace party put this condition

Mohammad Ayub said that nda, india Alliance and BSP are all equal to us. We understand our position in the

state very well, we may get two-three seats, but we should get at least one seat, without a seat there is no stake.

Regarding bjp, the leader of Peace party said that not bjp but nda are untouchable for us. There is a

difference between bjp and NDA. He said that our strategy is very clear, we want to have a stake in power and

not just become a vote bank.

Peace party situation in UP

Mohammad Ayub, a surgeon from Gorakhpur and belonging to the Pasmanda Muslim community, said that no

party has contacted him yet, but their strategy is very clear. Mohammad Ayub formed the Peace party in the

year 2008. In the 2009 lok sabha elections, he fielded candidates on 20 seats, but did not win even a single seat

and got only one percent of the votes. In the 2012 assembly elections, Peace party formed an alliance with Apna

Dal and won 4 out of 403 seats. He won from Khalilabad assembly seat of Qud Sant Kabir nagar district. In

2017, his account could not be opened but he got 1.56 percent votes. In 2022, his vote share fell to 0.59 percent.

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