CM Nitish will hold an all-party meeting on caste-based enumeration


On the report of caste based census (Bihar Caste survey Report), chief minister nitish kumar said on Monday

that after doing everything, the result has come out. After that we took information about the financial condition

of every family. We will present all the issues in front of everyone in the all-party meeting tomorrow. The

government will take all necessary steps after taking everyone's opinion in the meeting. Meanwhile, cm Nitish

will hold a meeting with nine parties at the cm residence tomorrow at 3:30 pm. The released data of caste

census will be discussed. The state government will present the report before all parties and the economic

survey will be discussed. In this meeting, neither parties JDU, RJD, Congress, cpi ML, cpi M, bjp, HAM,

AIMIM can participate.

Center has not yet recognized backward class in the country – cm Nitish

nitish kumar said that now the government will also give information about the economic situation. We will

take whatever steps are necessary for the economically weaker people. Whatever is being done in bihar should

happen in the country. After the report comes, now an all-party meeting will be called. After tomorrow

everyone will gradually get information. We want development of all. cm asked bjp what has it done for

backward people? The extremely backward classes have not yet been recognized in the country. Will work

further after taking everyone’s opinion in the all-party meeting.

cm had responded on X

At the same time, after the bihar government released the caste-based census figures on Monday, Chief

minister nitish kumar said in a post on the social media platform X that Today, on the auspicious occasion of

Gandhi 1Jayanti, the caste-based census was conducted in Bihar. The figures have been published. Many

congratulations to the entire team engaged in the work of caste based enumeration. The resolution for caste

based enumeration was unanimously passed in the Legislature and with the consent of all the nine parties of

bihar Assembly, it was decided that the state government would use its own resources. Caste based census will

be conducted. It was approved by the Council of Ministers on june 2, 2022.

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