The poor will get electricity, Congress taunted on this claim of CM Shivraj


In the election year, chief minister shivraj singh chouhan is especially trying to win the hearts of the people

regarding roads, electricity and water. chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has once again reiterated that

electricity will be provided to the poor at Rs 100 per month. Arrangements are being made for this. Chief

minister shivraj singh chouhan is inaugurating various schemes and performing Bhoomi Pujan across Madhya


chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan reached Begumganj on monday (October 2). After this, on october 5, he

is going to ujjain to inaugurate the work of the second phase of Mahakal Lok. Similarly, chief minister Shivraj

Singh Chouhan is continuously trying to attract people through Bhoomi Pujan, inauguration and

announcements. cm Shivraj Singh is once again trying to help the poor in the upcoming elections by making

them happy regarding the electricity bill. The chief minister has said that if electricity bills are high, there is no

need to worry. The government will pay the electricity bills of the poor. The huge electricity bill will be reduced

to zero. After this, efforts are being made to provide electricity at the rate of Rs 100 per month.

There will be confiscation of goods again after the elections- Congress

Congress spokesperson kk Mishra said that during the tenure of chief minister shivraj singh chouhan,

traders, farmers, unemployed and poor have all been tortured to collect electricity bills. People's belongings

have been confiscated. The government is making promises only till the elections. Now the Chief Minister

clearly said that arrangements are being made to provide electricity to the poor at Rs 100 per month. This

system and promise will collapse after the elections, creating a mountain on the poor. He alleged that after the

elections the process of confiscating immovable property is started again. electricity consumers are aware of the

government’s moves, so this time there will be a change of government.

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