Vulgar Comments On Roja, Husband Responds

Politicians were abuzz about ex-minister and tdp leader Bandaru Satyanarayana's obscene remarks against minister Roja. Despite conflicting opinions and vehement opposition from YSRCP officials, the ap women commission is looking into the situation in order to take severe measures. None other than Roja's husband and director RK Selvamani has addressed the topic during all of this.
Selvamani reacted angrily to Bandaru's words and stated that they were abhorrent and disgusting. Selvamani stated that it is time to reply to such remarks and that legal action will be taken against Bandaru Satyanarayana. Selvamani claimed that the family often doesn't take political and disparaging remarks about Roja seriously. But he said that this time it was too personal, attacking her very nature and character. Selvamani said, "Even we didn't expect such vulgar and demeaning comments," when questioned about Roja's response to Bandaru's remarks. Bandaru was tasked by Selavamani to present the evidence and provide all the facts. No need to hide and use blackmail, he added.
Selvamani remembered the connection to Nandamuri balakrishna in an interesting way. "I produce films. balayya had performed with Roja. I had been to the sets, and balayya and I got along well. I once saw Brahmini, Balayya's daughter, as a little child on a movie shoot. I warned Roja not to go overboard and attack families. I even instructed Roja to refrain from criticising Layya.
Selavamani's reply is straightforward yet direct. Even Roja and the tdp have not been spared. He delivered a lesson to all the politicians who were going too far and including families in their acrimonious verbal combat. It is important to take note of Selvamani's perspective as well.

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