October will be Warmer in Telangana Hyderabad predicts IMD - Forecasts Higher Temperatures

Those hoping for a change in the weather in hyderabad with the approach of october might have to wait a little longer. Given that the india Meteorological Department (IMD) anticipates above-normal temperatures this month, the wait may end up lasting till November. Using probability models to make long-term forecasts, the IMD anticipates higher maximum temperatures throughout the State, including in Hyderabad.
Maximum temperatures in the city have risen recently, making things uncomfortable. The typical october high in hyderabad is 31.4 degrees Celsius, while the typical october low is 20.9 degrees Celsius. The equatorial Pacific area is now experiencing El Nio conditions, which are predicted to continue in the future season and might lead to greater temperatures across the state. In addition, october is forecast to have less rain overall, including in Hyderabad.
On the night of october 28, hyderabad is expected to have an average cloud cover of 54%, according to current meteorological forecasts. The amount of the sky that is covered by clouds at a specific location and time is referred to as the cloud cover. Given that it has an impact on both temperature and precipitation, it is crucial in determining meteorological conditions. A lower cloud cover can result in warmer temperatures and clearer sky, whereas a greater cloud cover might cause colder temperatures and decreased visibility.

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