Schools gear up for Dasara Holidays in Telangana

Telangana's schools are preparing for the 13-day break since the dasara vacations. It will mark the beginning of the current academic year's first brief break. Telangana's schools will be closed from october 13 to october 25 in accordance with the academic calendar for the 2023–24 school year, which was published by the school Education Department in June. telangana schools will perform summative assessment 1 from october 5 to 11 before the start of the dasara vacations.
Other vacations for school students in Telangana

Telangana's schools will have two additional breaks during the current school year. There will be a holiday break from december 22 to december 26. However, missionary schools throughout the state will be off for the christmas break. The sankranti holiday, which is applicable to all schools excluding missionary schools, will be another break. The christmas and sankranti holidays will each last five and six days, respectively.
Dasara holiday in Telangana
The telangana government has stated that everyone else would enjoy the dasara holiday on october 24 in addition to school kids who are on break. In addition, the telangana Calendar has designated october 14 as the holiday for Bathukamma commencing day. These two holidays fall under the category of "General holidays." There will also be two more vacations on october 22 and 23 for Durgashtami and Maharnavami, respectively. These days are classified as "optional holidays," nevertheless.

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