Telangana goes into poll mode - Who will Win Telangana this time ?

In the state of telangana, the electoral fever is intensifying quickly. On the one hand, Union home minister amit shah will visit the state on october 10 and prime minister Narendra Modi will visit the state on tuesday for the second time in two days. The bjp suggests making the candidate list public the next week. Ministers K T Rama Rao and T Harish Rao, on the other hand, are making a quick tour of the state. The congress is going door to door with its six-guarantees card so it won't get left behind. There are several rumors that the team from the indian Election Commission is coming to assess the readiness of the administration.
The leaders of the three parties—BRS, congress, and BJP—are under pressure as a result of these rapid political events. One significant difficulty for BRS is making sure the party candidates win and overcoming the detrimental effects of an undercurrent of anti-incumbency. This is especially true now that the majority of the incumbent MLAs have been named as candidates. The congress party has the list prepared, but it is unable to make an announcement because it worries that there may be significant dissidents who may upset the party's plans. The bjp, which has fallen far behind, has not yet announced its nominees but is rumored to be considering doing so during the second week of October.
According to what is known, kcr was informed that the recent restrictions put in place by the police on techies who protested Chandrababu Naidu's arrest on the roads could have a negative effect in about 24 constituencies where the Andhra population, which migrated to the telangana region in large numbers about 60 years ago, is concentrated. Additionally, kcr has been receiving input from districts on the dissatisfaction of residents in particular seats where the MLAs failed to keep their promises and did not finish ongoing projects.

Therefore, kcr hurried MLAs to the constituencies and warned them that failing to take corrective action may result in them losing their B form. revanth reddy, head of the TPCC, urged the AICC to delay announcing the list of candidates for the time being since doing so may spark a significant uprising among rebels. He warned the party's top leadership that if the situation worsened, BRS may try to recruit some of the rebels who could harm the congress candidate in stronghold districts. According to the TPCC, it can win in roughly 40 constituencies.
Aspirants for more than 1,000 tickets are awaiting the publication of the list. He informed the high leadership on the possibility that some people who miss the bus may leave congress and join BRS. It will be challenging for the bjp to field good candidates. Additionally, following the outcome of the karnataka assembly election, it has lost a lot of ground. Leaders claimed that kishan reddy first concentrated on 24 assembly districts in the Greater hyderabad data-borders to narrow down good candidates but is having difficulty locating winning candidates in the districts, notably in old Nalgonda, Khammam, Medak, Nizamabad, and Warangal.

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