Why did Canada’s stance become soft for what reasons?

1. Shock received from America

India started retaliating against canada after india was accused of Nijjar’s murder. Both india and canada have

also expelled each other’s High Commissioners from their respective countries. Not only this, PM Trudeau is also

continuously making statements against india on different platforms. Amidst these tensions, India’s Foreign

Minister reached America to participate in the UNGA meeting and there he met US Secretary of State Antony

Blinken. canada was hopeful that the US Foreign minister would raise the issue of Nijjar’s murder in this

meeting. But in whatever releases were issued by the US regarding the meeting between india and the US Foreign

Minister, there was no mention of Nijjar and Canada.

2. india ready for cooperation, canada has no proof

It has been more than 10 days since india was accused of Nijjar’s murder. Meanwhile, canada also claimed

several times that they had solid evidence. But this evidence is limited to claims and allegations only. Trudeau not

presenting even a single concrete evidence till now is further strengthening India's case. In the discussion at the

Council on Foreign Relations in New York, India's Foreign minister S jaishankar said on the allegations made by

Canada, We told the Canadian people that it is not the policy of our country to do this. If canada has such

allegations. If there is any evidence to implicate him, please present it. canada has not yet provided any public

evidence to support the claim of Nijjar's murder.

At the same forum, the Foreign minister also expressed concern over the threats being received by Indian

diplomats living in canada and the incidents of attacks on indian Consulates. Foreign minister says, It is

completely wrong that our diplomats in canada have been threatened, our consulates have been attacked, this is

how democracy works in this country. If someone gives me some factual information, then it should be given to

Canada There is no need to limit it to. I will look into that.

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