Why is Trudeau trying to convert India from accused to friend?

Just a few days ago, on september 18, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau had accused india in the

Parliament of killing Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in his country. Due to this allegation the relations

between the two countries had become quite tense. But India’s side has adopted such a strict attitude on this whole

matter that now Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau seems to be softening. Recently, Canadian President

Trudeau said that canada is committed to building closer relations with India.

During a press conference in Montreal, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said on india, Despite credible

allegations of indian government’s involvement in the killing of Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar in British

Columbia in June, canada remains with India. Committed to building close relationships.

Trudeau further says, I think it is very important that canada and its allies continue to engage constructively and

seriously with india, given its growing importance on the world stage.

Trudeau said- india is growing economic power

Addressing the same conference, Trudeau says, india is a growing economic power and an important geopolitical

power and as we presented our Indo-Pacific strategy last year, we are very serious about building close relations

with India. . And obviously, as a country with the rule of law, we need to emphadata-size that india needs to work with

Canada to ensure that it gets the full facts of this case.

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