1 lakh blood letter to Modi for Cauvery: Narayana Gowda..!?

One lakh activists of the karnataka Defense Forum (Narayana Gowda Bana) have decided to send a letter in blood to prime minister Narendra Modi on sunday (A.1) and hold a delhi Chalo on october 10 to draw the attention of the central government regarding the issue of Cauvery river water distribution. karnataka Defense Forum President TA Narayana Gowda has launched a campaign to write one lakh letters in blood to prime minister Narendra Modi demanding his intervention in the Cauvery water dispute.

Narayana Gowda said in his own blood at the Bengaluru headquarters on sunday, 'The Cauvery water dispute has set Kannadigas' houses on fire. If it is not chosen, tomorrow it will burn the nation' and started the movement by writing. After talking to the reporters, Narayana Gowda said, 'Farmers are in trouble without rain in the state. In such a situation it is impossible to supply water to tamil Nadu. Therefore, the activists of all the districts of the state will write more than one lakh letters in blood and demand that the prime minister should intervene, he said.

Can't drain water: 'We'll give blood if needed. But Cauvery does not give water is the motive behind writing the letter in blood. The order to release 3,000 cusecs of water to tamil Nadu cannot be obeyed, so the prime minister should intervene and solve the problem,' he appealed. karnataka to india, not india to Karnataka. We are writing to tell the truth. A fire is burning between the two states. Even now you have to mediate between the two states and do the work of saving Kaveri. He said that the welfare of the union system should be looked after. "Prime Ministers should leave the task of setting up one state over another for politics and intervene. karnataka has the power to build another nation in great India. Because our country is richer than all other states and paying more taxes. He warned that if the stepmother behaves, she will have to leave the union. On august 9, 10,000 activists of the platform will go to delhi and hold a protest at Janta Mantar on august 10. He urged the Kenda government to wake up and correct the injustice for the state.

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