India is progressing in every field..!?

The program was organized by the director of the Institute, Dr.S. gandhi Das inaugurated and preached the pledge of Swachhta Hi Seva Abhiyan of the government. Meanwhile, four civic workers of Srirampur Town panchayat were honoured. Then Dr.S. gandhi Das said that the british had looted the country and tried to impose their culture by criticizing indian culture. He has since criticized open urination and defecation in India. However, today india is making progress in every field and the government is promoting cleanliness, he said. In this regard, CSR TI has adopted Gopalpur village, supplied the necessary cleaning materials to that village and created awareness about cleanliness among the villagers and school children, he said. Former chief minister Basavaraja Bommai has said that if the tax laws are simple, they will benefit the common man and if more taxes are collected, it means that the country is developing.

Speaking at the inauguration of the National Tax Consultants Conference held at the Palace Grounds in Bengaluru on Saturday, he said that he wants the financial growth of man. When I took over as Finance minister, the economic situation was not good. I had a meeting with the senior officers and thought that it would not be difficult if I made up my mind and started working. Revenue increased by 70% in three months. It has presented a surplus budget for two years to increase the revenue of the state. He said that the present government is spending a lot of money on free projects and the revenue for the government will decrease. GST, which was initially opposed, is now accepted by all: I congratulate the taxpayers who have contributed to the growth of the state's economy. The role of taxpayers in economic growth is important. Ultimately the country should develop. The role of taxpayers is important in that. The economy should grow without any stress. Only then will prime minister Narendra Modi's dream of reaching the 5 trillion dollar target become possible. In the initial days most people were against GST. However, now that everyone has agreed, a large amount of tax is being collected, he said.

Tax collection from the big is difficult: The question of how to measure a country's GDP, economists complicate GDP. Some people do not pay tax without knowing the law and some people try to evade it even though they are aware of the law. Small people pay taxes more honestly. They will pay Rs 1,000 more in tax. However, he said that if there is an increase in tax of Rs.1 crore for big people, there will be a challenge to collect tax from them. Tax laws should be simplified: Tax laws should be simplified. A country's economy is measured by tax collection. If the tax collection increases, it means that the country is developing. Those who govern will enforce the law. He said that tax advisors are doing the work of understanding and implementing it, tax advisors are part of the government and they are also working as part of the business community and they are handling a dual role.

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