Telangana - Deficit Rainfall in Balapur is seen as a Gift in Disguise by Officials

The news of a rainfall shortage in the region may have angered people in other places, but Osman nagar inhabitants in Balapur Mandal under Rangareddy district and officials in Jalpally and Badangpet towns saw it as a disguised gift.
After the rain battered Osman nagar, a neighborhood that had been submerged in venkatapuram Lake for two years, both the authorities and the local populace frequently found themselves caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. The Balapur Mandal, which is sandwiched between the Jalpally and Badangpet municipalities on the outskirts of the city, shares boundaries with both of the urban local bodies. Since the start of the monsoon this year, it has only received 370.7 mm of rain, compared to the cumulative normal rainfall of 573.7 mm to date.
Balapur now occupies the worst spot out of a total of 27 mandals in the district, with a deficit of rainfall of -35.4 percent. Surprisingly, only one of the 27 mandals in the Rangareddy district, Balapur, has seen deficient rainfall since the monsoon began. Official figures show that this year in the district, 14 mandals received excess rainfall, 12 had average rainfall, and just one Mandal—Balapur—experienced deficiency rainfall.
The officials and staff from revenue to the municipality in the Jalpally area said they must be vigilant during the rainy season as their mobile phones begin to blare to record a plethora of complaints regarding the annual inundation of streets full of houses with just the slightest spell of rain. An official speaking on the condition of anonymity stated, "We can't sit in peace for a moment after a few minutes of rain in the Osman nagar neighborhood. "Lake water is still covering the homes in the Osman nagar neighborhood.
While the majority of the completely drowned homes were empty, the nearby families began calling to alert us to the rising water level wreaking havoc in the neighborhood following storms, which pushed us to roll up our sleeves and leap into the turbulent water. Jalpally gained a reputation as a haven for land squatters due to its brazen degree of encroachments on water bodies and waterways, such as flood flow canals, with hundreds of government properties already converted into homes while the remaining are mired in legal challenges.
Even the residents in the impacted region have reported feeling afraid after hearing the whisper of the clouds. Osman nagar resident Mohd Amjad described his experience there, saying, "We always found ourselves under a waist-deep of water every time the rain lashes the area." "The water flowed inside the homes, forcing us to leave our residence and quickly turning the situation into a catastrophe. We need to gather the items that were scattered amid the ferocity of the rain and the rising water in order to put our homes back in order.

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