Telangana Hyderabad - Huge Traffic Jam in Kukatpally, KPHB - VIDEO

Long traffic jams were caused by the prolonged weekend and the influx of people visiting retail centers in kukatpally, the KPHB colony in the city, as well as their neighboring districts. It started on saturday afternoon and lasted until late on Sunday. Due to gandhi jayanthi being observed on monday as well, the same situation is anticipated to last until monday night.

K Durga Prasad, a private company employee, claimed that it took him more than two hours to complete the stretch after setting out on his scooter on saturday evening at 5 p.m. from SR nagar in the city due to the dense traffic and strong flow of cars. Nobody is aware of the traffic bottleneck. There was a frenzied rush all over the roadways despite the traffic bottleneck and the slowly moving cars all around," he claimed.

Francis, a Balanagar resident, claimed to have seen substantial vehicular traffic as early as nine in the morning. It took more than an hour this morning to travel the trip, which is typically completed in around 20 minutes, he added.
At busy intersections like kukatpally Y Junction, KPHB, and JNTU, traffic police could be seen attempting to control the flow of traffic, however, their attempts were ineffective due to the high number of traffic. According to traffic experts, individuals appear to be using this weekend for festival shopping because of the forthcoming festival season.

In the locations with malls, there is a sizable throng. It has become a problem because there are so many malls nearby. Although these malls and showrooms have parking areas, they are overcrowded due to high foot traffic, and more cars are parked on the roadways as a result, they claimed.

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