Telangana Hyderabad - Solar roof cycling track to be Open Today

Hyderabad's cycling community will receive a huge boost with the opening of the nation's first cutting-edge solar roof cycling track on october 1. On the social networking site X, Special Chief Secretary MA&UD Arvind Kumar posted a video on saturday anticipating the track's opening. Two portions of the 23-km, three-lane track come together at Narsingi Junction. a 14.5 km length from kollur to Narsingi and a further 8.5 kilometers from Nanakramguda to the telangana State police Academy.
It features amenities including parking, security cameras, food courts, water fountains, and bathrooms. Rental stations will be made available along with bicycle repair businesses and docking facilities for bicycles. The solar roof panels will shield riders from the sun, rain, and other weather elements as well as from main traffic, improving safety. This will generate renewable energy, make the track self-sufficient, and illuminate it constantly.

The 4.5-metre-wide track includes three designated cycling lanes and green areas on either side. It was built along the Outer Ring Road's service roads between the main carriageway (MCW) and the city-side service road. A solar roof with an installed capacity of 16 MW will be put on 21 km of the overall length. In addition to this endeavour, the licensee that HGCL will select will set up five bike stations at key places, including Nanakramguda, TSPA Junction, Narsingi, kollur Junction, and Vattinagulapally, before the cycle track is opened.

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