4,000 workers on their way to Delhi for protest...

S Venkateshwari
4,000 workers on their way to delhi for protest...

Leaders of the trinamool congress (TMC) are travelling by train to delhi to take part in the demonstrations against the federal government on october 2 and 3. In response to the central government's decision to stop funding MGNREGA and other issues, TMC will demonstrate. A total of 4,000 MGNREGA employees will take part in this protest.

The TMC leaders are travelling to delhi to participate in the protest from october 2 to 3, according to West bengal party General Secretary Kunal Ghosh, who provided information about the protest to the news agency. Regarding fees and other issues, we will demonstrate against the Centre. On october 3rd, this demonstration will take place at Jantar Mantar.

He declared, "The protest will be led by TMC national general secretary and mp Abhishek Banerjee. We will be joined in the protest by the workers who went 100 days without pay. A significant number of party members and MGNREGA job card holders will also travel to delhi by bus, according to the TMC leader, in addition to the train.

 "MGNREGA employees were not paid" 

Sudip Bandyopadhyay, a TMC lawmaker, added: "We are going to delhi to protest against those who deprived West bengal and imposed an economic blockade in the state." According to the TMC leader, MGNREGA employees will receive 100 days of employment. No salaries have been paid. More than Rs 1 lakh crore has not been paid to them. West bengal is to be economically blocked by the central government.

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