Shehzad Poonawala’s question to AAP - Why does the party talks about transparency?


There is a fresh political turmoil in delhi due to the registration of PE FIR by cbi regarding the renovation of the official

residence of delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. Now bharatiya janata party (BJP) national spokesperson Shehzad

Poonawala has targeted the aam aadmi party (AAP). He has said, "This is not just a Sheesh Mahal but a Palace of

Corruption built by the aam aadmi party using taxpayers money. We welcome the decision that the case will now be

investigated by the CBI. But why is the aam aadmi party, which talks about transparency, objecting to this?

On whose orders was the bungalow constructed?

Before Shehzad Poonawala, delhi bjp President Virendra Sachdeva had said that the cbi investigation will soon reveal on

whose instructions the luxurious bungalow was constructed for cm Kejriwal. Who had issued the tender to build CM

residence illegally? Our party welcomes the investigation. Delhiites want to know from the cbi investigation that the

Type-7 bungalow to which kejriwal was entitled. Despite this, how did he get a bigger bungalow built than that?

cm ready to data-face the consequences

At the same time, aam aadmi party accused bjp of taking vindictive action and said that no matter how many

investigations are conducted by the ruling party at the Centre, cm arvind kejriwal will continue to fight in the interest of

the common people. He is committed to making india the number one country in the world. For this, delhi cm is ready

to pay any price. AAP's suspended rajya sabha MP sanjay singh had said after this matter came to light that the official

residence of the delhi cm was built in 1942. Its roof had collapsed three times. He had said that after the incidents of

roof collapse, PWD had suggested to build houses.

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