Thakur’s farm, Thakur’s bull, Prashant Kishore told the whole story


RJD leader and rajya sabha MP Manoj Jha recently, while speaking on the women Reservation Bill, recited a poem

which has created a political uproar in Bihar. RJD mla Chetan anand not only opened the front, apart from BJP, leaders

of JDU have also protested. Amidst all this, know how political expert and election strategist prashant kishor sees it.

prashant kishore said that how is it possible that his minister is giving a statement and Tejashwi Yadav does not know?

You think that a minister in RJD will give statements again and again and it will not be known. When sudhakar Singh

gave the statement, how many days did he stay in the ministry? He is Jagdanand Singh’s son, yet he had to step down.

This is a party matter, it is the party members who ask him to say it and as far as whether that subject should be said or

not, any man can tell that brother, you say such absurd things at the behest of the party, at the behest of the party


so that hatred increases in the society

PK said that all these party people make you give statements so that hatred increases in the society, there are fights

among each other, there are fights among each other, there are debates, journalists also get involved in the same. The

basic issues of education, development and employment should be marginalized. So our leaders and our ministers

should also be given advice, first of all they should believe it themselves, yet no action is taken against them.

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