Maneka Gandhi made serious allegations against ISKCON


deputy chief minister Keshav prasad Maurya, who was on Etah tour, gave a big statement on the allegations of bjp MP

Maneka Gandhi. He said that Maneka Gandhi’s allegations will be investigated. If the allegations are found true then

action will also be taken. Let us tell you that maneka gandhi had made a scathing attack on international Society for

Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). He had alleged that ISKCON sells the cows of its cowsheds to butchers. There was an

uproar over Maneka Gandhi’s statement.

Gaushalas are open for the safety of the cows

Keshav prasad Maurya said that the Uttar Pradesh government has opened cow shelters for the safety of the cows. The

government has made arrangements for the food and maintenance of lakhs of cows. He ordered the officials to stop the

killing of destitute cattle. Keshav prasad Maurya said that farmers will not be allowed to graze their crops. Green grass will be grown on the grazing land and fed to the cows. On the question of recruitment scam in the assembly and

Legislative Council, he said that investigation has been recommended to CBI. It is not right to comment much on the

issue of legislature and judiciary. The order for cbi investigation from the high court comes under the purview of the

judiciary. On the question of giving reservation to OBC women, the deputy chief minister attacked the opposition. He

said that the opposition never gave the rights of the backward classes. bjp will make more women MLAs and MPs than

the population and will work to give respect to every section.

deputy cm targets previous governments

Keshav prasad Maurya blamed the previous governments for the dilapidated roads of the district. He said that there

used to be many potholes on the roads during the previous governments. There was massive corruption in the fund with

the connivance of contractors. After coming to power, the bjp government laid a network of roads. He assured to fill the

potholed roads by Diwali.

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