Saudi Arabia’s closeness to Israel - Pakistan may face challenges


Saudi Arabia’s closeness to israel may bring tension in relations with Pakistan. pakistan has always been against israel on

the issue of Palestine. Even a slight inclination of saudi arabia can soften the stance of other Muslim countries on this

issue. This will be a very dilemmatic situation for Pakistan.

The way Arab Muslim countries are talking about normalizing relations with israel, in this situation pakistan may become

isolated. Because his going with israel may anger China. israel is an ally of America through which it wants to stop

China's growing dominance in the Middle East. Along with this, Pakistan's position may also weaken on the forums of

Muslim countries.

There are many fundamentalist religious groups inside pakistan which consider israel as their enemy on the issue of

Palestine. If pakistan comes under any pressure and tries to increase relations with israel, then the government there

may have to data-face opposition.

The friendship between saudi arabia and israel can reduce Pakistan's influence in the Middle east region. Due to the two

countries, new types of economic relations and alliances can be formed.

saudi arabia has helped pakistan worth billions of rupees in the last 75 years. The truth is that it is saudi arabia that has

saved pakistan from poverty every time. Any deterioration in relations between the two countries can become a big

challenge for Pakistan.

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