What are America’s interests? America preparing to give a big blow


America is preparing to give a big blow to China’s growing dominance in Middle-East Asia. China’s influence in this region

has also been strengthened by the fact that it has already brought arch enemies saudi arabia and iran together for talks

last year. With this, America will also form an anti-Iran alliance with its friend israel in which it will play the lead role. If

America guarantees security to saudi arabia as per its demand, then in return it will also get the right to interfere in oil

producing centers.

Relations between pakistan and Saudi Arabia

In pakistan, india and israel are seen as enemies of Islam. This neighboring country of india is trying to make itself the

new leader of Muslim countries. The two major religious centers of Islam, Mecca and Medina, are in Saudi Arabia. In the

last few years, relations with saudi arabia and india have reached heights. Now Saudi Arabia's friendship with israel also

seems to be deepening. Amidst these new changing developments, it will not be easy for pakistan to ignore Israel.

If we look at history, the friendship between saudi arabia and pakistan has also been no less deep. While Saudi Arabia

has been providing financial assistance to pakistan, pakistan, which has the capability of nuclear bomb, has been

guaranteeing security. But now he can get this guarantee from israel and America also. In such a situation, what

usefulness will pakistan have in the eyes of the richest country for the Muslim countries? This is also a big question.

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