What are Israel’s interests? Let’s understand


Israeli prime minister Netanyahu has said many times that the Abraham Accords is a big gift for his country and America

is behind it. israel also has high hopes from its relationship with Saudi Arabia, the richest and most powerful Muslim

country. In fact, after this agreement, pressure will also increase on Muslim countries which reject israel completely.

Along with this, other big Muslim countries malaysia and indonesia can also open their doors to Israel.

Along with Saudi Arabia, israel is now also negotiating mutual defense agreements with America. Actually israel wants to

make such a pact after which it can take any action independently.

Israel’s Netanyahu government is in favor of giving some leeway to the palestine Authority in the Gaza Strip. Under the

peace agreement with israel, it has got some rights in the disputed area. However, the Palestinian organization Hamas

has occupied some of its areas. In July this year, Netanyahu had announced that he would provide more support to the

authority in view of the threat from Hamas. Actually, israel is trying to collect more taxes from this area through the

authority. The Israeli government is currently surrounded by various allegations, alliance disputes and the ongoing fraud

at the hands of PM Netanyahu. If the government presents such a deal as a matter of national pride, the entire debate

will change.

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