What does Saudi Arabia want in the agreement?


There is also fear of saudi arabia behind this agreement. It hopes that israel and America will protect it from Iran. In the

year 2019, oil production centers of saudi arabia were attacked. At this time the Saudi government had blamed iran for

this. The enmity between Sunni-dominated country saudi arabia and Shia-dominated country iran has been going on for

decades. In the year 2023, china had tried to reduce the enmity between the two countries. Both the countries are

competing to increase their dominance in the Muslim world. In this situation it is meaningless to expect the enmity to

end. saudi arabia is always under threat from Iran’s growing military capability. Along with this, there is also a fear of

terrorist organizations of Yemen, iraq and lebanon allegedly taking funds from Iran. According to Western countries,

iran is also secretly trying to acquire the capability of nuclear bomb.

In this situation, saudi arabia wants to make a firm security agreement with America. Saudi wants the attack on it to be

considered an attack on America. In a way, this US-Japan agreement is also similar.

israel also has such capability which can be useful in the security of Saudi Arabia. Apart from this, in this agreement

under Vision 2023, Saudi Crown prince Mohammed bin salman has also set the target of economic and social progress.

Saudi Arabia's economy is based on oil. Now the way the whole world is moving towards electronic and solar energy, the

need and demand for oil is going to reduce in the future. saudi arabia is trying to make the country a center of advanced

technology in collaboration with israel and America.

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