Do you know what has happened so far to eliminate the network of Khalistani terrorists?


Reportedly after the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar in canada, Canada’s relations with india are continuously deteriorating. On one

hand, Khalistani supporters are protesting with yellow flags and shouting slogans outside the indian Embassy in Toronto.

On the other hand, India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA) has also prepared a new list to crack down on Khalistani

terrorists. Now the government is working on closing the economic sources of the people named in this list. The new list

includes many names who are themselves abroad but have a hand in the conspiracy against India. They are running anti-

india propaganda against india while living abroad.

According to ANI sources, now india will take action to confiscate the properties of fugitive Khalistanis living in other

countries including canada, Dubai, Britain, America, Pakistan. These assets will be confiscated under Section 33(5) of


Raids were conducted on 53 locations in india on september 27.

Apart from this, on wednesday i.e. 27th september, the National Investigation Agency conducted raids in 7 states of the

country. Many people were detained in this raid conducted by NIA. According to the information received, NIA raided

the hideouts of pro-Khalistan terrorists living in canada and big gangsters like Arsh Dalla, lawrence Bishnoi and Sukha

Dunake. NIA detained several suspects during a large-scale crackdown in several states on the nexus of terrorists-

gangsters-drug smugglers linked to declared terrorist Arsh Dalla and several notorious gangsters.

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