Sudden decision of Canada..!? Problem for Indian people..?

Sowmiya Sriram
Sudden decision of Canada..!? Problem for indian people..?
Not only has india been friendly for a long time, but canada, which has given citizenship to most indians and Tamils, has broken its friendship with India. The beginning of this is when Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau accused the indian government of involvement in the death of Khalistan leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who has Canadian citizenship on Canadian soil, and the problem between the two countries has exploded.
Through this, the negotiations between the two countries on the bilateral trade agreement were stopped. Meanwhile, many measures taken by canada against india have resulted in a gradual decrease in the trade of masoor dal, which is the main export product to india in Canada. The quantity of masoor dal being exported or sold to india is slowly decreasing after Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau's accusations. Due to this, india is also expected to retaliate by handing over major exports. It is noteworthy that when the US government imposed a planned tax on indian imports, the indian government also imposed a tax in response. As a result, Harley-Davidson fled the country. Currently, due to the reduced export of masoor pulses from canada to india, not only Canadian farmers are affected, but there is a possibility that the price of pulses in the indian market will rise and food inflation will increase again. This will have a major impact on next year's general elections. Recently, due to the decrease in food production in india, the central government imposed many restrictions on the export of wheat and rice. Although many countries protested against this, it was an important step taken by the government to control its price domestically. But now what has happened in Canada's masoor dal exports is quite different. How is the Modi-led government going to deal with this?

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