Why did the BJP MLA make such a request to the high command?


bjp mla Jalam Singh patel from Narsinghpur in madhya pradesh has given up his claim for assembly ticket.

He has urged the party not to give him the ticket as he will work in the elections of his elder brother, Union

minister Prahlad Patel. The party has currently canceled the ticket of sitting mla Jalam Singh patel from

Narsinghpur assembly seat.

mla Jalam Singh patel will help elder brother

In fact, in its shocking decision, bjp has announced to field his elder brother and Union minister Prahlad Patel

in place of current mla Jalam Singh patel from Narsinghpur seat. Prahlad patel is going to contest assembly

elections for the first time in his political career.

mla Jalam Singh talked to ABP News

In discussion with ABP News, mla Jalam Singh patel said that, my elder brother Prahlad patel is contesting

elections from Narsinghpur assembly. I will play my role in making them win. I am continuously serving the

public and this time also we will receive the blessings of the public. When he was asked that if the party makes

him a candidate from somewhere else, Jalam Singh patel replied, 'I will request the party not to give me a ticket

from anywhere else. I will support my elder brother by staying in the assembly.

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