Shoaib Ibrahim’s sister Saba Ibrahim has separated the kitchen


Shoaib Ibrahim’s sister Saba Ibrahim makes vlogs on YouTube. Saba has a huge fan following. Saba keeps

sharing things related to her personal life with her fans. Recently, Saba held a Q&A session on YouTube, in

which she answered many questions related to her personal life. deepika Kakkar also answered one or two

questions. deepika is closer to whom in her in-laws? In response to this question, deepika said that after

Shoaib, if there is anyone with whom she is closer, it is Saba. I share everything in my heart with Saba.

Why was the kitchen separated?

A fan asked why did you separate your kitchen when there is no one in your in-laws house except mom and

dad? In response to this, Sunny said- We have not done anything different. The first thing is that our kitchen

downstairs is small and Saba has to shoot and there is no space there. We had plenty of space upstairs so we set

up there. Saba said that when we have space then why not use it. It's not just my kitchen, everyone uses it

upstairs too. Everything is the same. Apart from this, Saba also replied regarding pregnancy. The fan asked,

Saba, are you pregnant, please tell the truth? No I am not pregnant. I will tell you if we are there. Give us love.

Let us tell you that Saba surprised her husband Sunny. As a surprise, he has gifted iphone 15 Pro to Sunny.

After this, Sunny also showed the phone to her mother-in-law and father-in-law and thanked Saba.

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