What are JDU people offering to BJP? Sushil Kumar Modi’s big revelation...

The politics of bihar has heated up before the lok sabha elections. bjp leaders are making different claims,

while Grand Alliance leaders are claiming that everything is fine. Meanwhile, the bjp leader has claimed that

JDU people are coming to bjp with offers. While giving a statement on tuesday (September 26), former

Deputy chief minister of bihar and rajya sabha member sushil kumar modi has made a big revelation.

JDU’s wish - nda government should be formed in Bihar

Sushil Kumar Modi said that JDU people keep coming with offers that if nitish kumar is made the Governor

then the alliance will be between bjp and JDU. Most of the JDU MLAs and MPs want nitish kumar to form

an alliance with bjp and form the nda government in bihar, but we will not make nitish kumar the

governor or anything.

Nitish used to scare me even when he was in BJP

The rajya sabha MP said that no bjp worker is ready to accept Nitish. Nitish does not have the ability to

even vote. When nitish kumar was in nda, he used to pretend to be close to RJD and Congress. He used to

threaten the bharatiya janata party that if they create any mess, he will go with them.

Congress and RJD need not be afraid

Further, bjp leader sushil kumar modi said that nitish kumar is now threatening RJD and congress that if

they do not give us feelings and respect, then now I will go with BJP. sushil modi said that I want to tell

Rashtriya Janata Dal and congress that there is no need to be afraid. BJP's door is closed for Chief Minister

Nitish Kumar.

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