Education Minister attacked BJP- Big promises were made...

The wounds caused by the disaster to himachal pradesh will not heal for many years to come. There is now a

change in the lives of people in the state and life has become normal. If there is no change, then only in the

politics of Himachal Pradesh. Even during the disaster and now even after the disaster, political heat is being

seen in the state. education minister in himachal pradesh government, Rohit Thakur has hit back at the

statement of Union minister Anurag Thakur.

Education minister targets BJP

Education minister Rohit Thakur said that amid the disaster in himachal pradesh, bjp leaders along with the

Central government made tall claims for relief in the disaster, but himachal pradesh got nothing. He said that

Himachal Pradesh received the fixed installment of the amount from the central government in advance. He

said that bjp leaders made tall claims of relief to himachal pradesh, but nothing happened. The situation in

the state was like a mountain was dug, a mouse came out'. He said that bjp National President Jagat Prakash

Nadda (JP Nadda) came to shimla and talked about help, but till now no major financial help has been


Sukhu government will give special economic package

Education minister Rohit Thakur said that even though the central government has not given any special

relief package to himachal pradesh, now the government led by chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu will

give a special relief package to Himachal Pradesh. himachal pradesh government will work to provide relief

to the disaster affected people from its own resources. He said that chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu is

going to release this package soon.

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