Former JDU MLC Ranveer Nandan left Nitish Kumar...

Former JDU MLC and senior party leader Ranveer Nandan has left cm Nitish Kumar. Some time ago he had

given a statement that nitish kumar should again come with PM Modi. politics became heated after his

statement. Now he has sent the resignation letter to the party’s national president Lalan Singh and cm Nitish


Ranveer Nandan was also away from party activities

Now the discussion has intensified in the political circles regarding Ranveer Nandan, a senior leader of the

party, that he may join BJP. However, no one’s reaction has come forward regarding this yet. The market of

discussions and speculations is hot. He was also away from party activities for some time. Now after

resigning, it remains to be seen what his next step is going to be.

JDU expelled Ranveer Nandan

On the other hand, after resigning from the party, Ranveer Nandan has also been expelled from JDU. JDU

state president Umesh Kushwaha has issued a letter giving this information. State President Umesh Kushwaha

said that Ranveer Nandan was continuously giving statements contrary to the party ideology. Was involved in

anti-party activities.

Ranveer Nandan did not tell the reason for leaving the party

After resigning from the primary membership of JDU on wednesday (27 September), there is talk that he was

angry with the party. However, Ranveer Nandan has not mentioned in the letter why he has left the party.

There is definitely a discussion that these days he was running on the sidelines in JDU. Recently, when Chief

Minister nitish kumar had called a meeting of spokespersons, he was not seen even in that.

Is upendra Kushwaha's words coming true?

Before Ranveer Nandan, many leaders had resigned from JDU. When upendra Kushwaha left the party, he

had said that there was going to be a stampede in JDU. After the resignation of Ranveer Nandan, once again

Upendra Kushwaha's words seem to be true.

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