Before entering Telangana, PM Modi should Apologize for insulting Telangana

Prime minister Narendra Modi came under blistering criticism from BRS working president KT Rama Rao for continuously disparaging the creation of telangana State and ignoring the important issue of sharing krishna river supplies. He requested an apology from Modi for his words that were demeaning to the people of telangana and questioned the motivations behind them.
Modi, according to him, was India's most ineffective, incompetent, inept, and arguably most corrupt prime minister during the country's independence. All of the nation's and Telangana's promises made by the prime minister were broken. Rama Rao criticised Modi during a tuesday media conference at telangana Bhavan in this city for continuing to disparage telangana despite the State's formation having been nine and a half years.

Why does prime minister Modi continually make fun of Telangana's creation and existence? We demand that telangana be regarded as such since it is a well-known and respected location, he added. Rama Rao criticised Modi's remarks on the opening day of the new parliament building, in which the latter minimised Telangana's history, its fight for statehood, and the sacrifices made throughout the movement. Rama Rao requested that Modi clarify the reason the bjp leadership was continually pouring venom against Telangana.
He also called Modi's statements on the split of the State "old" and expressed confidence that the bjp would lose the next assembly and parliament elections in the State badly enough that it would never be able to rise again.
Rama Rao asserted that telangana deserved a just distribution of 575 TMC of krishna river waters in response to the crucial issue of krishna river water sharing. He claimed that in the nine years after the creation of the State, the Modi administration had failed to resolve the conflict, which had been harmful to Telangana's citizens, particularly those living in the former districts of Rangareddy, mahabubnagar, and Nalgonda.
He said that prime minister Modi has no moral authority to enter the mahabubnagar area. On october 1, the prime minister is due to travel to Mahabubnagar. The minister said that despite several petitions from the State administration, the bjp government at the Centre has refused to give the kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme or the palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Scheme national project status. He emphasised that among other projects, the bjp administration accorded the polavaram project in andhra pradesh and Upper Bhadra in karnataka national project status.

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