Why Congress trying to show Sachin Pilot and Gehlot together again?

The dates of assembly elections in rajasthan are to be announced next month. In such a situation, the Congress

high command has focused its entire attention on Rajasthan. congress leader priyanka gandhi took part in a

rally in Niwai, Tonk on september 10. Earlier, party president mallikarjun Kharge had also addressed a rally in

Gulabpura, Bhilwara on 6 September. After this, rahul gandhi fiercely targeted bjp in a rally held in Jaipur

on 24 September.

In all these rallies, congress also tried to show unity. Since the last elections, there have been two camps

within the congress in Rajasthan. Some party leaders are seen with ashok gehlot and many with Sachin Pilot.

In the last 5 years, the party has had to see rebellions several times in Rajasthan. Once the matter has reached

the court’s doorstep. Now the big challenge for congress in rajasthan is to unite cm ashok gehlot and Sachin


Central leaders are continuously visiting Rajasthan

Gaurav Gogoi, chairman of the congress screening committee for rajasthan, and KC Venugopal, general

secretary of AICC (All india congress Committee), have been continuously visiting the state. rajasthan in-

charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa is continuously preparing strategies here. Its clear objective is to show


While addressing the rally in Niwai, priyanka gandhi has also tried to woo the supporters of Sachin Pilot. In

fact, after differences with ashok gehlot, sachin pilot was initially ignored. During this period, there was a lot

of speculation about Pilot joining BJP. Due to the attitude of the central leaders, there has been a lot of anger

among the supporters of Sachin Pilot. This area has been a stronghold of Congress. sachin pilot comes from

Gurjar community. congress also got benefit due to the presence of gurjar data-face in the 2018 assembly.

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