Fielding Union Ministers for MLA indicates BJP’s nervousness

BJP has so far released two lists of candidates in Madhya Pradesh. bjp has released a list of total 78 candidates

and three veteran Union ministers are also included in it. narendra singh tomar, faggan singh kulaste are

such ministers and bjp is also making five MPs contest the elections. While his opponents are calling it his

nervousness, BJP’s supporters are shrugging it off saying it is nothing special. Congress’s kamal nath is

playing on the pitch of soft Hindutva and is getting the stories told from the same saints whom bjp has been

calling till date, while he is making his stand clear by not allowing the first rally of the india alliance to be held

in Bhopal. The bjp list is also indicating that the decision on the post of chief minister can be taken even after

the elections.

BJP is in panic

For the first time, so much trouble is happening so much before the elections, there is panic. This is happening

for the first time in the history of Madhya Pradesh, when three powerful Union Ministers will contest the MLA

elections. Apart from this, there are five MPs who will contest the mla elections. It is understandable that

BJP does not want these six-seven people to contest the lok sabha elections. lok sabha does not want to

contest elections because the environment on the ground is very hostile against these six-seven people,

including three Union Ministers. One side is of Lok Sabha. Secondly, if we look at the local level, the bjp is

probably assuming that by doing this it will deal with anti-incumbency at the local level.

However, common sense says that BJP's narendra singh tomar is the leader of Madhya Pradesh. Whether he

sits in the assembly or in the Parliament, it is true that there is a difference in both the places, but he has also

been sitting in power for 18-20 years, so there will definitely be anti-incumbency against him also. It is worth

seeing that with the kind of nervousness shown by bjp, there is some difficulty in understanding how it will

provide political benefits.

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