Akhtarul Iman got angry, said a big thing without taking the name of JDU-RJD

AIMIM state president Akhtarul Iman has taken on the central government and the I.N.D.I.A alliance on the

issue of women Reservation Bill. Akhtarul Iman demanded reservation for Muslim women. He said that

secular parties want to keep Muslim voters as their mistresses. AIMIM leader Akhtarul Iman gave this

statement while talking to a journalist on tuesday (September 26).

Why are all parties silent on the issue of minority?

AIMIM leader Akhtarul Iman said that when the issue of minority comes up, all parties become silent. All the

parties are busy playing the Hindutva card and the so-called secular parties talked about OBC reservation for

show but no one showed the courage to talk about reservation for minority women. Only AIMIM has voted

against the Women’s Reservation Bill. We have raised the issue of minority but no one is listening, they are

just making political profits. He said that he will continue to raise the issue of minority until the problems are

solved. They are also citizens of India. The indian government should think about these.

Targeted at opposition party

AIMIM leader Akhtarul Iman said that everyone wants to take the votes of Muslims but no one wants to open

their mouth to solve their problems. On the question of keeping AIMIM away from the alliance, he said that

they consider minorities as their mistresses. Targeting RJD, JDU and congress party without naming them, he

said that they love our votes but they do not want to share in power, that is why they have kept distance from

AIMIM. Let us tell you that AIMIM party has not been included in india Alliance due to which the people of

their party are angry.

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