Kamal Nath’s taunt on the list of candidates in MP elections

The time for assembly elections in madhya pradesh has come very near. In such a situation, all the parties are

announcing the names of their candidates. Recently bjp has released the second list of 39 candidates. In this,

some names of central level leaders of bjp have come forward. On this, congress leaders have fiercely

targeted BJP. In response to this, bjp has also said through a meme on Twitter, Why are you so nervous?

Let us tell you that bjp has released the second list of its candidates for the assembly elections in Madhya

Pradesh, which contains the names of 39 candidates. In this list, names of 7 MPs including three Union

Ministers and one National General Secretary have appeared. Regarding this, many congress leaders including

PCC Chief kamal nath have targeted bjp while writing on X. In response to this, bjp has also retaliated

through memes.

What did kamal nath say?

Kamal Nath, while writing on By giving assembly tickets to its MPs in madhya pradesh, bjp has proved that

BJP is neither winning in the 2023 assembly elections nor in the 2024 lok sabha elections. This simply means

that it has accepted that as a party, it has become so discredited that it is not winning elections, so why not bet

on the so-called big names only.

When bjp, which calls itself the largest party in the world, is facing these days when it is not getting

candidates to contest, then where will it get the people to vote for it. bjp is facing a crisis of lack of

confidence. This time bjp will see its biggest defeat in its biggest stronghold. congress is going to win double

the seats than BJP. BJP’s double engine government is moving towards double defeat.

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