PM Modi laid the foundation of International Cricket Stadium...


Prime minister Narendra Modi reached his parliamentary constituency varanasi on Saturday. PM Modi laid

the foundation of the international cricket stadium here. During this, former players like former cricketer

Sachin Tendulkar, ravi shastri were also present. Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath and BCCI

Secretary jai Shah also participated in this program. While addressing the people, PM Modi said that today

once again I have got a chance to come to Varanasi.

Addressing the people, PM Modi said that the foundation stone of the international cricket Stadium has been

laid in Kashi today. This stadium will be a boon for the youth of varanasi and Purvanchal. When this stadium

is ready, more than 30 thousand people will be able to watch the match here simultaneously. I know that ever

since the pictures of the stadium have come out, every Kashi resident has become giddy. The design of the

stadium being built in Mahadev’s city is dedicated to Mahadev himself.

This stadium will become the star of Purvanchal

PM Modi said that there will be many great cricket matches here. local players will get an opportunity to

train at the international level in the stadium. My Kashi will benefit greatly from this. Today the world is

connecting through cricket. He said that obviously the number of cricket matches is also going to increase in

the coming days. This international cricket Stadium of varanasi will fulfill this demand. This stadium is

going to become the shining star of Purvanchal.

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