The meeting of the high level committee on one country, one election ended...


The first meeting of One Country One election Committee was held on saturday (23 September). According

to sources, the agenda for further meetings was decided in the meeting of this high level committee. In the

meeting, along with deciding the agenda of the upcoming meetings, the One Nation One election Committee

first examined what are the obstacles in the way of simultaneous elections and how to eliminate them in a

systematic manner.

According to sources, the high level committee will take suggestions from all the political parties, various

states and the election commission related to the election process and recommend necessary measures to the

government for holding simultaneous elections. One Nation, One election Committee headed by Chairman

Ramnath Covid, Union home minister amit shah, former leader of Opposition rajya sabha Ghulam Nabi

Azad, former Chairman of the 15th Finance Commission nk Singh, former lok sabha General Secretary

Subhash Kashyap, senior lawyer Harish Salve, former Chief Vigilance Commissioner Sanjay Kothari

participated in the meeting.

These things have been said in the notification

Notification has been issued regarding this high level committee formed for One Nation One election to

conduct simultaneous elections of lok sabha, State Legislative Assemblies, Municipalities and Panchayats,

keeping in mind the existing framework under the Constitution of india and the legal provisions. To

investigate and make recommendations and for this to recommend amendments in the Constitution, the

Representation of the people Act 1950, the rules made under the Representation of the people Act 1951 or any

other laws and regulations.

It is clearly written in the second paragraph of the notification that if any state supports such constitutional

amendment, then this committee can also investigate and recommend it. The third section detailing the

functions of the committee states that it will analyze, investigate and make recommendations for possible

solutions in the event of a hung house, acceptance of a no-confidence motion or simultaneous elections due to

defection or any other such incident. Doing is involved.

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