Rs 2865 to Travel from Telangana Hyderabad to Bengaluru in Vande Bharat Train

The new Vande Bharat Express train between Bengaluru and hyderabad has prices that have been revealed by the railways. From Yeshwantpur to Kacheguda, an executive chair car would run you Rs 2,865 and a chair car Rs 1,540. The fixed fares from Kacheguda to Yeshwantpur are Rs 2,915 for ec and Rs 1,600 for CC.
Travellers, take note of timings
Train no. 20703 (Kacheguda to Yeshwantpur): Will depart from Kacheguda at 5.30am and arrive in Yeshwantpur at 2pm the same day Stoppages: mahbubnagar (6.49/6.50am), kurnool City (8.24/8.25am), Anantapur (10.44/10.45am) and dharmavaram (11.14/11.15am)
Train no. 20704 (Yeshwantpur to Kacheguda): Will leave Yeshwantpur at 2.45pm and reach Kacheguda at 11.15pm the same day Stoppages: dharmavaram (4.59/5pm), Anantapur (5.29/5.30pm) kurnool City (7.50/7.51pm) and mahbubnagar (9.34/9.35pm)

The inaugural train will depart from Kacheguda at 12.30 pm on sunday and reach Yeshwantpur at 11.45 pm. En route, it will halt at Shadnagar, mahbubnagar, Gadwal, kurnool City, Dhone, Anantapur, dharmavaram, Hindupur and Yelahanka.  The regular service will start from Yeshwantpur on Monday, covering 609.8 km in 8 and a half hours, and halting only at mahbubnagar, kurnool City, Anantapur and Dharmavaram. The first service from Kacheguda will start on Tuesday. 

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